Abracadabra Alex
Specializing in magic
and fun for children
About Alex
Abracadabra Alex (aka Alex Wohl) grew
up in Toledo, Ohio.  At age 12, he
discovered a book on magic, and was
hooked.  He began performing shortly
thereafter, at birthday parties, libraries,
and company picnics, among other venues.  
Sometime later, a mysterious clown left
him a pack of balloons and a clown suit, with
a note reading "go forth and twist."  Since
then, Alex has become a balloon animal
tamer, in addition to his work as a magician.

Today, Alex lives in the Washington, D.C.
area with his wife, three  sons and
dogs.  In addition to his magic
performances, he is a professional

Since his earliest days in magic, Alex's
focus has always been on ensuring that his
audience, especially kids, has fun.  Just as
important  for him as getting oohs and aahs
is getting smiles and laughs from an
audience that is having a great time.

Alex's goal is to ensure that every child in
the audience has a chance to get involved in
the show and to have fun.  If it's a birthday
party, he'll make sure that the birthday
child feels like the star of the show.