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for Children and Families

If you’re looking for fun magical entertainment for your children’s party, you’ve come to the right place.  Your children and their friends will be entertained by a professional magician who not only will amaze them, but also make them laugh.  Your child will be the star of the show and the envy of his or her friends.

Lots of magicians can amaze their audiences.  You get that with Abracadabra Alex, but even more importantly, you also get a very real and special engagement and interaction with the kids, so that they know they were part of something special.

To make a birthday even more special, Abracadabra Alex can make a balloon animal for each child to take home.  He also offers a short magic lesson, after which the kids get to take home a magic trick or two. It’s a lot of fun and better for your teeth than the traditional “goody bag.”

Keep Kids Smiling!

  •   I needed to book a magician for a neighborhood block party and Alex responded promptly to my request. Primary concern was budget as it was funded from civic association dues, which Alex completely understood.  He arrived early to set up, and his show was delightful. I watched the majority of it and I don't have children 🙂 The older kids watched as well, but the little ones really enjoyed themselves and were thrilled when they were selected to be an 'assistant'!  Alex was great; could not recommend him enough!!!

    thumb Paige D.
  •   We hired Alex for the birthday party of my daughter who has just turned 6. Already from the first communication he was very helpful and thorough with his explanation about what he would do and what we could expect, and about the prices too. He was very helpful in thinking together with us on what would be best meeting our wishes and was even very flexible too, as we changed our minds a bit during the process. We had first thought about doing the birthday party for both our daughters, but because it was getting a bit too complicated we decided against it. However, upon one simple request he made a big effort to include our youngest daughter just a bit more too, which she really liked. We also had asked to lengthen the show a bit, and he gave us various options to do that. That was really helpful.

    The show itself was truly great. I could not follow everything as we were talking with other parents, but he managed to entertain a group of more than 30 (!!) 5 and 6 year olds and even some smaller children, and they were able to stay focused during the entire show! Really, that deserves a nobel price, I was surprised and very happy to see that! The show is highly interactive, fun, and the kids all were really into it. I can't post pictures as there are other people's children on them too, but the pictures just tell it all: everyone loved it! I even got more than one compliment from other parents about him!!

    I highly recommend this magician!!

    thumb Barbara S.
  •   Alex came to my daughters first birthday party (so it wasn't really for her as much as it was for all the other kids ages 3-13, and even a bunch of adults). The show was great!  Not only did he wow the kids with his magic, but he has them laughing and and very much involved the entire time. For an entire hour no one has to watch over their kids as he has their undivided attention.  You really cannot go wrong with Alex. I've been to a lot of kids parties and he was by far the best entertainment I've seen.

    Thank you Alex!

    thumb Rudi S.
  •   We hired Alex for a multi generational family activity. It was my father's 90th birthday! We had family from 90 down to one years old and everyone had a great time. It was the perfect thing to bring everyone together. He got the little ones involved and the big ones too!  Thank you Alex for being a part of our weekend celebration.

    thumb Anne P.
  •   Abracadabra Alex was fantastic at my daughter's 5th birthday party. He was easy to contact, and set up an appointment, returning calls and emails!, Alex was easy to pay, he worked with us to figure out our needs, showed up on time, and deftly handled 20+  5 year olds, keeping them captivated and laughing for the whole hour, and his gift bags were very reasonably priced and saved us a ton of time.
    If you are looking for a great birthday or a way to entertain a room full of kids, This guy will deliver. My kid is still smiling.

    thumb Seth R.

Abracadabra Alex knows his magic, loves kids, and is extremely humorous.  He recently performed at my daughter’s 6th birthday party and he had nearly 20 kids completely mesmerized, and all the adults entertained as well.  He also does fantastic balloon animals.  We loved it!

Britta B.


Abracadabra Alex was WONDERFUL!  He helped us celebrate our son’s 5th birthday by coming to his class (ages 4-5).  He engaged all of the kids in a way they all felt special and felt like THEY were a part of the performance.  The class (including adults that were present) laughed heartily and enjoyed every moment. We are HUGE Abracadabra Alex fans!


McClean, VA

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