Comedy Magic Shows

Alex’s comedy magic show provides fun and engaging entertainment for kids of all ages in many different kinds of places, including camps, day care centers, libraries, school fairs, cub scout banquets, and family celebrations, to name just some of the events he performs at.

Camps and Day Care Centers

Alex’s camp and day care shows are carefully created to support and celebrate the unique qualities of each facility and the kids that attend them.  The shows are designed for specific age groups, and are always interactive, funny, mysterious, and thoroughly engaging for the kids.

Another option for campers is a special session in which Alex teaches the kids how to do magic tricks.  He provides each of them with some quality tricks they can go home with and instructions for how to make some of their own tricks.  Another fun session includes his teaching the kids how to twist balloon animals and hats.  And he brings the balloons.


Alex’s specially designed magic shows for library audiences emphasize the fun and the funny, while reinforcing the magic of books and reading, and the value and resources provided by the public library as a centerpiece of our communities.  During the summer months, he produces a specially designed show that is tied to the specific theme of the national library summer reading program.

The magic is very interactive and involves lots of audience participation, with loads of laughter and silliness, and many funny, unexpected, and magical things, all of which add up to entertainment that kids are fully engaged in, physically, emotionally, and vocally.

Cub Scout Banquets

Whether its a Blue and Gold banquet, a pack meeting, or some other cub scout event, Abracadabra Alex’s comedy magic show is just the right entertainment for Scouts and their families.  His shows are interactive, involving lots of scouts in some serious silliness.  And they also make use of objects and concepts that reinforce Scouting principles and positive messages. 

Scouts work hard to achieve their badges and rank.  When it comes time to celebrate and reward them, give them a night of entertainment and comedy magic they’ll never forget. 

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