Three Fun Birthday Show Packages

Option 1:

Super Duper Birthday Magic Show

45-60 min. super interactive comedy magic show with nonstop audience participation (show length depends on ages of children), that makes the birthday child the star of the show and a special assistant and involves all of the other kids as well.  The magic words used throughout the show include the birthday child’s name and he/she will receive a magic wand to use during the show and keep after, as well as either a magic trick that he/she gets following the show or a balloon animal that I’ll make as part of a trick during the show.  The show is filled with lots of laughter, silliness, mystery, and all around fun.

Option 2:

Super Duper Magic and Balloon Show

This package includes all the fun, magic, and silliness of the Super Duper Magic show PLUS Abracadabra Alex will make a balloon animal, hat, sword, etc. especially for each child to take home.  Total time can be adjusted as needed, and includes the time for the show and enough time to make balloons for all the kids, which can be done while the kids are eating, playing, etc.

Option 3:

Super Duper Magic Show and Special Magic Lesson w/ Magical Goody Bags

This package includes all the fun and magic of the standard Super Duper Magic show plus several extra features that are designed to add even more entertainment, keep the kids’ memories of the magical birthday going long after the party ends, and make party planning easier for parents.  This option includes sugar free “goody” bags for each of the kids to take home, which include several real magic tricks, a magic wand (optional), and some other fun toys. In addition, at the end of the magic show Abracadabra Alex will give the kids a special magic demonstration and lesson of the tricks they’ll be taking home.  This fun package includes the show, the lesson, and 15 magical goody bags. Additional bags are available for purchase as needed.

Other Types of Family Shows:


Day Care Centers – Libraries – School Fairs – Cub Scout Banquets – Holiday Parties

No matter what the occasion, when you need fun and magical entertainment for kids and families, you can’t go wrong with Abracadabra Alex

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